Stikies \
  • How stickies are stored : stickies are saved to browser local storage. You can close the tab, or the browser and the stickies will be rememebered. Deleting browser history however, will remove them.

  • Create sticky : click on the buttons to create new sticky.

  • Type in sticky : when you type inside a sticky, the icon will be red. When the icon is red the information is not yet saved.

  • Save sticky text : click anywhere outside the sticky's text area to save sticky. When text is saved, the icon turns black.

  • Change sticky color : click on the icon to change sticky color. Colors are saved automatically if there is text in a sticky.

  • Stickies from storage : items not showing the are retrieved from storage. They can be changed/deleted as per normal rules

  • Delete sticky : click on the icon to delete sticky.

  • Delete all stickies : DELETE ALL button deletes all stickies from your browser's memory/local storage.

  • Caution : Both DELETE ALL and actions are permanent and cannot be undone